Leading Edge seeks well-considered and well-crafted short-form content on airpower.  Our intended audience is anyone, from expert to layman, seeking to learn about modern airpower thinking.  Anyone looking to join the conversation and submit content to Leading Edge should consider our three core guidelines:

  1. All submissions must be about some facet of airpower.  We understand and appreciate that air forces and air components grapple with a much broader range of issues, but they are not our focus.  If you have such a piece and are looking to publish, contact us and we may be able to help.
  2. All submissions must be based on facts, experience, and logical reasoning.  Leading Edge encourages informal and creative presentations, but any works relying purely on emotional arguments or using derogatory language will be rejected.
  3. All submissions must be in short form.  While we have no arbitrary length restriction, we are looking for relatively short pieces with approximately 1000-2000 words.  We are happy to link to longer pieces as long as they are accompanied by a short-form summary.

Submissions should be sent to