Same Wars, Different Fights: The Army and Air Force Visions

This article was originally posted on The Strategy Bridge.  We are sharing it here due to its outstanding contribution to  airpower dialogue. The Army of 2025 and Beyond will effectively employ lethal and non-lethal overmatch against any adversary to prevent, shape, and win conflicts and achieve national interests. It will leverage cross-cultural and regional experts…

Army-Air Force Talks: A Strategic Dialogue Between Two Obscure Field Grade Officers

Dan and Dave, no relation to the famous Olympic decathletes, began a dialogue following a workshop on the development of an Air Force Operating Concept. At the conclusion of day 1 of the workshop, Dan and Dave had a discussion on the future of the military; to include the direction our respective services are headed.

F-22A Raptor Demonstration Team Prepares for Launch (USAF Photo, SrA Christopher L. Ingersoll)


Too often our air forces are over-identified with “things”—airplanes, mission sets, or various technologies.  This misses the key reason why our nations have independent air forces.  It is not about tools—it is about the unique way in which independent air force Airmen provide our respective nation’s leaders with effective, efficient policy options that are only…