Inverting the Paradigm: The 21st Century High-Low Force

Today’s Air Force fleet structure is in the midst of an identity crisis, full of contradictions and built upon a multi-role fighter foundation. Despite this, the Air Force Future Operating Concept document categorizes its current force structure as a high-low mixture.


Smart Bombs. Smart Management?

This article was originally posted at The Bar Napkin. “Even small groups of combatants, such as a handful of enemy troops manning a mortar position, may eventually be deemed worthy of a PGM [precision-guided munition] in some circumstances.” Though the above statement sounds like some visionary revelation out of Operation Desert Storm, it is not;…

Air Supremacy II: Re-learning Asymmetry

[This is a continuation of a previous article in a series] There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still. Franklin D. Roosevelt The founding fathers of military aviation had an uphill battle in advocating the value of airpower to their doubtful Army and Navy counterparts. Though their approaches (and…