Reviewing the Air Force Way of War: Making the Machine Human

This paper, by Lieutenant Colonel Scott Gunn, USAF, was originally published by The Strategy Bridge. “The four-ship of F-15C Eagles raced across the sky at thirty thousand feet. The flight lead, call sign Death-1, focused on his radar, looking for enemy aircraft in the vicinity. He also knew those enemy aircraft were looking for him.”…


Ghost Fleet and Airpower

Peter Singer and August Cole’s new novel, Ghost Fleet, has become a critical darling in beltway defense circles. Called “useful fiction” by the authors, its exhaustively-researched details aim to paint a picture of near-future great-power conflict, earning favorable comparisons to Tom Clancy’s Cold War masterpiece Red Storm Rising.

Who Watches the Wasp Keepers?

A Wasp, we are told, is a small, gray machine designed around a microprocessor, a comms link, insectile wings lined with solar cells, and its primary weapon: a toxin-laden stinger. Its sensor package is never entirely divulged, but it includes at least sight, sound, and smell.