Nuclear Weapons are No Longer Needed…Right?

May 10th marked my 20th year serving in the US Air Force’s nuclear community. Two decades into the job as a missileer, I have a reasonable understanding of strategic nuclear deterrence. Acknowledging nuclear weapons remain a clear existential threat to America is the first step in understanding the relevance of nuclear deterrence. Bottom line up front-nuclear weapons can kill tens of millions of Americans in a matter of minutes. Nonetheless, a serious and ongoing debate continues about the relevance of nuclear weapons in the 21st Century.

On the Fluid Identity of Airpower

One of the most interesting ideas in French military historian Laurent Henninger’s theory of fluid and solid spaces is its relationship to air operations. This relationship has significant consequences for not only the theory itself, but also on airpower concepts which play such a specific role in the use of military force. Airpower’s main characteristic…